On Friday, February 24th, 2017 George Youngblood, CEO of Teen and Family Services and Matt Feehery, Senior Vice President and CEO of Behavioral Health Services and the Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) for Memorial Hermann Health System united for a Facebook Live Interview.

Matt Feehery entered the field as a counselor in 1979 at the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) in Houston, Texas.

As a family member of someone going through PDAP, Matt has a personal connection. He was invited to attend a meeting as a family member back in 1972 and was "like a fish to water". Matt saw that people who had struggled with alcohol and other drugs had found a mechanism, or a way, to come together as a community and support each other." In 1983 Matt was promoted to the Program Director and Executive Director and ran the program until 1989.

Matt has since served as Executive Director, CEO and consultant for numerous alcohol and drug treatment organizations and psychiatric hospitals throughout the country, including the nation’s first alcohol and drug treatment center.

Matt has been the CEO of Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center since 2002. PaRC brings its award-winning experience and depth of expertise to the forefront of alcohol and drug treatment. Incorporating the newest medical approaches along with proven treatment models and methodologies. PaRC is committed to the partnerships between themselves as a treatment center, the Alternative Peer Groups, and recovery schools. It's an important component to a person's ongoing treatment. "Treatment in and of itself is never enough", says Matt. "Treatment is a part of assessing what's going on, getting a baseline reading on what's happening. But you have to connect people to those community resources and support mechanisms and support groups that can help them."

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