Teen and Family Services presently serves over 50 families a month, they are not only a pillar of strength in the recovery community, but a place where so many have found HOPE and HEALING. 

Teen and Family Services' ongoing mission is to serve the community by reducing teen substance abuse and high-risk behaviors. Their families report a significant improvement in functioning in a wide range of areas including family communication, emotional maturity, social interaction, problem solving and long-term goal setting. Over the past ten years, the majority of graduates have minimized or remained free of former substance abuse/high risk behaviors, and over 90% of graduates over the age of eighteen are currently enrolled in, or have completed college.  Last year they provided 114 partial scholarships and three full scholarships, as well as started a new 12 Step meeting and increased enrollment at all 3 centers.

This year's Annual Spring Luncheon was held at the beautiful Junior League of Houston.   Teen and Family Services shared stories that helped bring awareness and raise funds to continue their needed work that brings Hope and Healing to high risk teens and their families. This year's key note speaker, Ashley Smith Robinson, was on hand to sign copies of her books and tell her story about being held hostage by Brian Nichols, and how that was the turning point for her to finally completely put away her substance abuse addiction, and get her life back.  After her story, there was not a dry eye in the house, and supporters of TAFS couldn't help but show their support with a very successful live and silent auction bidding.  With the combination of the great work TAFS does, an outstanding lunch, Ashley Smith Robinson's story, and great auction items this was definitely one of our most financially successful luncheons, and based on the feedback we received, it seems like it was a great success as a community-builder also.

Congratulations to our Spring Lunch Committee for putting together an event that was a tremendous success both as a community-builder and as a fund-raiser. 

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this event possible!

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