Teen and Family Services Open House in the The Woodland

Teen and Family Services hosted its second Open House this month at our Woodlands location on Tuesday, May 3rd at The Loft.

Guests enjoyed coffee and some lite bites in the fun and colorful group room that overlooks an indoor basketball court.

This was an opportunity to bring to light a recent and on-going concern in Montgomery County.  According to Texas Department of Public Health, figures show that the adolescent suicide rate in Montgomery County is much higher than the state average.  Our biggest goal in hosting this Open House was to let The Woodlands community know that they are not alone and there is help. 

When you have a child struggling with addiction or depression and anxiety it effects the entire family. Teen and Family Services offers individual, family and group counseling to support the recovery needs of the entire family.

Please join us on May 10th from 6:00- 8:30 PM at The Loft as we continue the discussion about  the warning signs of suicide and high-risk behaviors.

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