The Woodlands Adolescent Symposium

Shedding Some Light in the Darkness on Suicide and High-Risk Behaviors in Adolescents

The Woodlands Adolescent Symposium was held May 10th at the Loft Church in The Woodlands.  We were joined by Teen and Family Services Multi-Family Group, Mental Health Care Professionals, and Community Members.  Emotions ran high as Brian Hughes shared his story of losing his son to suicide. “After my son died many of his friends came to me saying they saw it coming, if I had looked at his cell phone I would have known. “ Brian was joined by Jeanne Blake and Heather Russell who lost their beloved son and brother when he took his own life at the young age of 22.  Their experience was all too familiar for many faces in the audience.

The Woodlands community has suffered an unimaginable amount of loss this year with studies showing the suicide rate has recently risen to higher than the state average.  Brian, Jeanne, and Heather represent so many families who have had to learn how to live without the one they love. Many would call them suicide survivors.

Their presence and perspective not only gave the community hope for healing, but it brought awareness to warning signs, coping mechanisms, and where to go for help.

The Adolescent Roundtable Collective is a group of professionals in the community who, in some capacity work with adolescents. ARC represents schools, therapists, counselors, treatment centers, and resources for adolescents and their families.  Stay tuned for information on our next symposium.

If you or someone you know is in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress please call

                                              The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

                                                                  1 (800) 273-8255

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