Houston, TX— Sunnyside project — Teen and Family Services announced its plans to offer services at Pro-Vision Academy in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Houston. The program in Sunnyside will begin in September with a pilot program at Pro-Vision and will be free of charge to the teens and families.

On behalf of the Teen and Family Services Board of Directors and staff, we thank Don Titcombe, Adolescent Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (AROSC) committee, and the Rockwell Fund for being instrumental in spearheading this important initiative for the Sunnyside community in South Houston. Without them the TAFS Sunnyside APG project would not be possible.  Their commitment to this historic area, which declined so sharply after hitting its zenith in the 1950s, is already making a significant impact on the lives of those who live there. 

“Creating change for youth and their families happen through relationships says Co-Founder and CEO of Teen and Family Services, George Youngblood.  We are excited to be able to provide these recovery services and build these enduring relationships with teens, families and the Sunnyside community.”

Our city earned a national reputation for being an innovator in the field of adolescent recovery services because the Alternative Peer Group model was born here. Over the past 4 decades, teens and their families who live in Houston’s more upscale communities have had access to a growing number of support services to help them tackle addiction and adverse peer pressures, learning how to become whole again. Meanwhile, the underserved areas of our city, like Sunnyside went unnoticed while drugs, alcohol, gangs, crime and violence were spiraling out of control.

Through the vision and dedication of Arnell and Bert Evans, and the Board of Directors at A Time to Change an idea was born to serve all teens and families, regardless of race or income.  Inspired by their vision and supported by people such as Dillion West at the Recovery Support Center at the Sunnyside Multi/Service Center, Teen and Family Services is launching the first recovery based community services at Pro-Vision Academy.  Carrie Tate, Superintendent of  Pro-Vision Academy shared “I’m very excited for this opportunity to share hope; not only with our students and their families but also the community as a whole, and we are not only offering hope for today but also for the future.”

Now in our 14th year, Teen and Family Services has developed a research based program which helps teens reclaim their lives.  Many of them would probably not have survived their addiction; others would no doubt have been incarcerated, leaving other damaged lives in their wake.  Healing like this is not easy.  It takes time.  It takes guts.  It’s an investment.  And, like the Rockwell Fund, we believe it’s time to take what we have learned to the parts of community that need it most.

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